EscapeShow Virtual (Virtual Activity)

Can’t meet physically? No problem! This is why we created ESCAPESHOW Virtual™!

EscapeShow Virtual Is a game tailor-made for your group, but instead of the streets of Toronto, it takes place over zoom (or any other group video platforms). It has the characteristics of our in-person EscapeShow activity but it takes place completely virtual.

Part virtual interactive game, part thrilling show, all via Zoom!
A professional team of actors will integrate personal information and surprises about the members of your group in the storyline, so every game is truly unique and customized for you.

Discover the perfect activity for team-building events, birthdays, or just for a fun time with friends, family, or coworkers. The game is suitable for any group size (From 6 up to 600 participants!)

For more information on EscapeShow, visit our website or leave your details.

For more information and for booking our activities, please leave your info below or dial (647) 696-9462 and we’ll get back to you soon!

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