3) The Secret Gift (A virtual Game + Gift Card)

Surprise your employees with The Secret gift! The Ultimate way to give a gift card.

An amazing virtual game that ends with an Amazon.com* gift card!

*You can also use The Secret Gift experience with your existing gift cards or any other gift card of your choice.

Your employees receive a beautifully designed digital postcard by email,

which is customized with your company logo.

The postcard leads them to a secret website, which they can only access using their company’s secret code.

The website contains an “Alice in Wonderland” themed game. In the game, they will solve many logic puzzles & riddles which require creativity and “out of the box” thinking. They will have to look for clues across the web (even in secret social media profiles) and they can also collaborate and brainstorm with their colleagues if needed.

Need help? No problem! At any given moment and for each puzzle, they can click the “Help” button and get clues and even the answer.

Once they succeed in solving the game, they will arrive at this page, where they will enter their name and work email and receive their Amazon.com gift card by email.

For more information and for booking our activities, please leave your info below or dial (647) 696-9462 and we’ll get back to you soon!

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